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[MSN log] Love counselor? XD  
10:17pm 22/06/2010
紅 音也 - Kurenai Otoya
To which he got called again... XD

Otoya: Huh?
Otoya: Hi...?

...so you should really talk to your son.
Otoya: -blinks- Is there something the matter with Wataru?
Well, not really the matter.
I think.

Otoya tackles love issues! XDDDDDDCollapse )

In the end... a hug is all that you need. XDDDD Eh? XP

[OOC] Edited slightly for prettiness~

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[MSN logs] Sex ed XD  
02:49pm 22/06/2010
紅 音也 - Kurenai Otoya
It's because he shared the headspace with Tsukasa... and lost of yesterday's BL log kinda made the other said. And part of himself... maybe. Because he had a hand in making Tsukasa cheerful enough to entertain Kaito's little fetish. So as expected... muns will start asking...

Bolded was Wataru's and Kaito's mun.

...what happened? o_o
-points to status-
oh... bout the logs huh?
oh that... because msn crashed the other day... din manage to save bl XD
and Tsukasa had been ORZing at the lost of the logs when he teased Kaito XD

Kaito goes D:<
Tsukasa: It's all right.... I got over it. XD
Tsukasa: Can always have another round... when I get creative again.
Tsukasa: hehehehehe~
Kaito has nothing to say to that.
Tsukasa: How rare~ It was nice that I still can make him speechless like that~

It's also probably because my Wataru is so awake.

Tsukasa: Oh ho~ -glanced around to see if Otoya was awake XD but that shouldn't matter... much XD-
Wataru's... fighting with Taiga. :|
Otoya's suddenly awake... and facepalming...
Well, Taiga wants Wataru to be his. >_>;

Otoya: Ahaha... ahaha... -stunned-
Wataru: . . . ah?
Otoya: -sigh- Having full access of the mun's head, I somehow ended up seeing visions of the 'future' and umm... never mind.
Wataru: -looks confused-
Otoya: -plays Bloody Rose to distract his mind from heading to the gutter...and failed-
Otoya: OTL
Wataru: ...father? >>;
Otoya: -pinches the bridge of his nose and mumbling to himself- It maybe that I really unfit to be a parent this soon...
Wataru: Why?

To which Otoya attempt to teach his son something... and failed.Collapse )

Because he had to remember that mun had a friend, who hated him so much to the point that even seeing his face made her angry. He had to admit that he's scared of that friend. Then again, Mun also disliked that pairing...
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(no subject)  
10:15pm 09/06/2010
紅 音也 - Kurenai Otoya
Mun being an idiot and forgetful.

So to the obligatories...

This is the mail box for ME. If you're trying to look for Wataru or Maya, I think you must have got lost anyway. Leave a message if there's something you wanted to give or you can contact Miss Mun by her LJ account. Or her MSN which was the same one as her LJ name. And yes it's at hotmail.com
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[Logs] June  
03:17pm 08/06/2010
紅 音也 - Kurenai Otoya




1st post



dear_mun randoms (July)

Old spice
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03:02pm 08/06/2010
紅 音也 - Kurenai Otoya
Ahh the usual~ as Miss Mun have to have some kind of grip to play the illustrious me. After all, she only ever written me as one of the many characters in her stories but never as a puppet. Though she aspires to play me on other occasions. Thus should she strays, I would like for some help to set her straight.

Mun had decided to place me on tokudressing , 8_dressing  as well as sixwordstories  though for the latter two, I've yet to leave my grace upon them. I'll be looking forward to the game~
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